Prep Center S™ All-in-One Detail Machine


1200.000 BD

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  • 8100 Vac/Sol Hose
  • Assembly, 8400P Air Lite™
  • Upholstery Tool
  • H294 Vacuum Hose,2x H375 Hose Hangers w/
  • Hardware, Crevice Tool, Claw Tool, Exterior Drying Tool, Cuties™ OD Safety
  • Covers, One Pack
  • G008 Piglet™ Filters
The new Prep Center S™ from Mytee is the next chapter in our revolutionary Prep Center series. The newly redesigned chassis makes the Prep Center S™ slimmer and more mobile than its predecessors, without compromising functionality. In fact, we gave it Even More Capacity! With its all-in-one design and intuitive features meant to maximize efficiency, the Prep Center S™ will have you doing laps around your competition, not your shop!

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